How to safely create shapes in the body for yoga

Wheel, triangle, chair and plank are just a few of the many shapes we create in the body during a yoga class. These shapes are derived from the “look” of the poses, however a shape does not tell the full story of what’s behind a pose. As in what it takes to create such a shape within the architecture of the body.

With Euclidean (textbook) geometry, shapes are built on angles. With Sacred geometry (body), shapes are built on articulations. 

Joint articulations are the angles of the body. They can be assessed, expressed, strengthened, weakened and stressed. It all depends on how they are cared for. If an individual does not have the joint articulations (angles) needed to create a shape, it will become skewed in some way. This is the body‘s way of compensating to avoid injury.

It’s when we then try to force the body into the “shape” from here. Since the body cannot complete the proper articulations, the added energy used to force the “shape” has to go somewhere. Where that ends up going depends on various factors such as, range of motion, load tolerance and overall mobility. 

This forcing of the shape or pose without enough available articulation in the body is how a lot of yoga injuries occur.

Articulations before shapes

Instead of just creating shapes, learn to create articulations. Use the available angles to build shapes. If an angle is not available to complete a shape, work on that angle (articulation) individually.

If you’re interested in learning more about joint articulations and how they apply to the practice, teaching and queuing, check out our YOGA course book.

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First certified in New York City, he then explored the practice of yoga and sacred geometry within the various lineages. He has since studied with the Ido Portal team and completed the Functional Range Systems FRC®/FRA® certifications. Jeffrey is the author of the Yoga Framework “course book”. He has been featured on Yoga Journal, Spartan TV and other prominent media outlets.

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