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200 Hour Teacher Training
Locations: Hoboken, Montclair
Fall | Spring| Summer

Online Courses

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Unable to train in-person? Go online.
Unlimited lifetime course access
1 year of personal support

The Yoga Framework training platform aligns with our course book curriculum and other educational products providing a uniform learning experience across the board. Programs designed for your studio or event. Contact us for details.

Our constant education and exploration is reflected in a unique approach to the physical practice. Unlike other methods that tend to “recreate the wheel” so to speak, we reinterpret, adapt and reinvent within the same framework.

This maintains the traditional style and feel of the practice while at the same time holding space for modern somatic experiences. Get the curriculum.

Training Topics

(Including but not limited to)
  • Handstand & Inversion
  • Arm Balancing
  • Public Speaking
  • Stretch Physiology
  • Modern Bandhas for Stability
  • Advanced Sequencing
  • Joint Mobility in Yoga
  • Kinetic Stretching
  • and more...

Yoga Alliance 200 Hour

recent graduate spotlight


It helped me to communicate myself as a teacher and taught me how to manage and sequence a class.


I was interested in only one module and then fell in love with the other aspects of the training.


If you’re looking to help those around you through yoga and movement, this is the place to go!


I went form being terrified to teach, to being completely comfortable and excited to teach.


If you’re thinking about joining one of their programs, I can not recommend it enough.


They give you something special to offer as a teacher.


The difference between finding your voice and just having a “yoga voice”.


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