Yoga Framework Curriculum

The Curriculum

Teacher Training Manual

Take the hassle out of creating a teacher training manual and focus on the "other" parts of training.

  • Packed with concepts, backed by science.
  • Over 250 pages about the physical practice.
  • Classical sequences and their modern counterparts.

No pictures! That’s right, by eliminating the pose (picture) approach, the learning is simplified.

Standard Movement Curriculum

  • Reverse engineer poses, sequences and movement patterns.
  • Organize, sequence and cue poses with ease.
  • Learn “mobility” techniques to use with yoga asana.
  • Jumping, hand and arm balancing explained.
  • Create a "style" or "method" of yoga fusion.

For students learning the physical practice, and the teachers who train it.

The Course Book

What if you could reverse engineer any yoga sequence or movement pattern? Having the ability to understand, adapt and then teach that style with little to no practice or experience. This book takes a unique approach by bridging the gap between yoga and other physical movement modalities like strength training, mobility work and more.

  • See the similarities.
  • Combine concepts together.
  • Accelerate your creation process.

The S.K.I.L Method

As proof of concept, we have created our own “method” of yoga with the curriculum. Download the S.K.I.L. Method Manual and use it in your home studio or at commercial locations and events, all for free. No sign up, reoccurring or franchise fees. Think of it as our gift to you. It’s a “yoga with weights” program without the excessive linear movements. Use loading principles to increase strength and maintain healthy range of motion. (Sequenced Kinetic Isometric Loading)

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