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What is the Yoga Framework Flow?

Through the years we have been inspired by various movement sciences and yoga lineages including but not limited to Hatha, Katonah Yoga®, Laughing Lotus Flow, Ido Portal “Movement Culture” and the Functional Range Systems® (FRC |FRA)

With trial and error, evolved a yoga framework that is accessible, challenging and incorporates modern science with evolutionary human biology.

Framework Flow is a strength and mobility class that incorporates yoga movement, strength training and emerging mobility concepts. It is designed to increase and strengthen end range control while at the same time help mitigate injuries in the joints. Everything you need to know about mobility, sequencing and the physical practice of yoga.

What makes us different?

Mobility work (also called Kinetic Stretching) develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion.

The goal is to enhance the capacity of the joints and surrounding tissue in order to ready the body for athletic performance and the demands of everyday life, while decreasing the risk of injury.

Each class starts out with Controlled Articular Rotations (standard CARs or variations) to assess the movement quality of any given joint and to discover possible limitations. This is followed by stretching procedures that are designed to explore and open up new ranges of motion. Finally, the body is taught how to gain control over these newly acquired ranges, which then results in new, usable ranges of motion as opposed to passive ones.

Other aspects of the class include teaching the body how to master tension in order to train the nervous system; various breathing techniques and other somatic patterning (classical and modern)


How to prepare for class:

  • Setup your practice space.
  • Place water & towel close by.
  • Join class 5-10 minutes early.
  • Enjoy!

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60 minutes, Arrive Early