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How COVID-19 (hardship) revealed strengths and weaknesses in yogis

I would sound redundant by saying that this year has been a tough one. Let’s face it, this year has been UNPRECEDENTED, to say the least.

Many people and businesses had to make a change in how they operate. These changes came at a price though. A price to the business owners, their consumers, mixed in with the overall health and safety of the public. With all these changes, we have seen a division based on need, desire, entitlement, safety, morals, and what I would like to call plain old “honor”.

I have been looking for a way to express my ideas on the subject, then I came across this article on Elephant Journal by Apollo Love.

Here is a small excerpt:

This was one of the few gifts of 2020, as it put a colossal spotlight on the negative impact that spiritual bypassing has on the world and on ourselves.

And for those paying attention…there is no going back. If there was ever a golden opportunity to go inward and focus on your “self,” without distractions and excuses, this was the year to do so. Yet, many have done quite the opposite and refused to accept things as they are. Instead, they went down rabbit holes of conspiracy theories to make themselves feel better during these uncertain times. It was predictable that a rise in conspiracy theory beliefs would happen during this pandemic. It is easier to “know” that a conspiracy theory is definitely the truth than it is to sit in the unknown chaos and accept that our society is actually quite fragile, and we don’t have as much control as we think.

People were so desperate to have control over something—anything—that they became easy to manipulate. While for many, it was a time to surrender and trust, for others, it was a time to attach even more so to their comfort zones, even if it meant denying reality. In this way, even if what we “know” isn’t the actual truth, at least we have something to cling on to, and there is a sense of comfort in that.

Read the full article here.
About jeffrey posner

First certified in New York City, he then explored the practice of yoga and sacred geometry within the various lineages. He has since studied with the Ido Portal team and completed the Functional Range Systems FRC®/FRA® certifications. Jeffrey is the author of the Yoga Framework “course book”. He has been featured on Yoga Journal, Spartan TV and other prominent media outlets.

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