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Hannah Huh


I really believe that yoga can change you. Change comes about when you challenge the body and mind to go to new places. My class offers a combination of power vinyasa, mobility work and plenty of opportunities to get upside down. Get ready to change when you come to my class.


Hannah Huh

I am a mover and love to help people move better. I used to be an avid long distance runner but found that through yoga you could mobilize every joint and body part for lasting longevity. I am not only a certified yoga instructor but I also teach aerial yoga. I play a mean game of table tennis and in my spare time I play a few different instruments. My current movement obsession is handstanding so you will definitely see a flare of the upside down when you practice with me. As a teacher, my philosophy is to practice what I teach. I believe that practice makes progress on and off the mat and it is NEVER too late to try.

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