jeffrey demonstrating the shoulder CAR

Learn the shoulder CAR (including safe variations)

In this video we explain the six different articulations of the shoulder joint and how to effectively perform a CAR (controlled articular rotation) from a standing, seated, quadruped and prone position. The basic articulations: Flexion and Extension Abduction and Adduction Internal and External Rotation The … Read more

How to correctly perform the hip CAR

In an earlier post we touched on what CARs (controlled articular rotations) were and why they are important to learn for postural yoga. However the importance of joint articulation and rotation goes way beyond the scope of yoga. Movement is part of our everyday lives … Read more

shallow focus photo of man stretching

5 exercises that will decrease back pain NOW!

As a follow-up to last weeks article about “how to flex your spine”. Here are some easy to follow exercise patterns to begin your spinal flexion journey. These can be done by anybody and you do not need to be in good physical shape to … Read more

How do you flex your spine?

Spinal flexion is one of the most important movements that is often neglected. Common sayings like,  “don’t round your back”, “stand up straight” and “keep a neutral spine” not only move us away from flexion, but build habits of avoiding it altogether. When avoided, it … Read more

Yoga poses that make you look good

The more time one spends teaching yoga, the more they tend to learn about the body. In my case, the more I learn about the body and how it works, the more I move away from the idea of peak poses and classical sequencing. In … Read more

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